Saturday, September 26, 2015

Four Hour Work Day.


  1. Think of how low the unemployment rate would be if we all worked 4 hours a day. Instead of 3 eight hour shifts there would be the need for more people for 6 four hour shifts.

    1. Hello Bill,

      Thank you for your comment. One of the benefits of the smaller work shift would mean more people will have opportunity to work and hence lower employment. The other thing we will have to determine are wages and salaries. Wages and salaries have to be adjusted so that a workers can work on a 4 hour shift M-F and still be able to support his/her family. Of course, this would mean either the employers have to raise the wages and take a hit on their bottom line or the government actually raises taxes on employers and thens turn around and provide subsidized services like education and health.

  2. Of course, employers will still only pay you the standard hourly wage, and so your income will be cut in half. Capitalism isn't intended to guarantee a living wage or create jobs, just to benefit the capitalists themselves.

  3. Thank you Ajitha. I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. Unfortunately, I have not been very active on typosphere but plan on returning soon. Keep checking!